Representing the ebb and flow of energy in a universe heading towards inevitable entropy.
Art Blocks, Factory | Ethereum | 1-of-1-of-1024 | July 2021

Spaghettification is my first project on Art Blocks and I consider it my "breakout" as a creative developer and artist. Eight months prior to launch, I was laid off and completely burned out. Months of soul searching led me to realize I needed to find a way to combine my technical expertise with my desire for creative expression. Around this time, I became aware of NFTs and a colleague suggested I look into Art Blocks. Upon seeing it, I immediately began working on a script, applied and this was the result.

A Breif History of Spaghettis

Despite the fun nicknames people have given the mints on Discord and Twitter, the work isn't meant to represent actual spaghetti. Rather, the word "spaghettification" is actually a scientific term that describes the vertical stretching and horizontal compression of objects into long thin shapes, resembling spaghetti, as they are torn apart by the tidal forces as they enter a black hole. This terrifying, but humorously described, reality of what will inevitably happen to all matter is what this artwork represents.
Concept Sketch
Color Palette
Randomize Colors
Controlled Gradients
Twisting Noodles
Wiggling Noodles
Pulsing (Rejected)
Toon Lines
Glowing Geometry
Infinity & Border
Final Adjustments
This project was a huge learning experience for me; learning how to programmatically build color palletes, how the primary and secondary NFT markets operate, how to set up an Ethereum wallet and interact with the network, and even how to use P5js as a complete beginner. In the end, I feel this project really set me up for success going foward as a generative artist.

Features Breakdown

During much of the development of this script, I wasn't fully aware of the importance and value of features as they relate to the NFT secondary marketplace. Thankfully, I was able to pull in the variable attributes I was making and build a set of features right before launch. The feaures pictured below are Hue, Count, Scheme & Style, while the Effect, Scale & Rate are best seen in live mode.

Does it animate in or out?
[ attract, radiate ]

How big is the black hole?
[ 1 to 10 ]

How fast does it animate?
[ 1 to 10 ]

How many noodles does it have?
[ three, four, five ]

What color scheme does it use?
[ analagous, complementary, triadic ]

What treatment does it have?
[ standard, saturated, desaturated ]

Art Blocks Mint #0


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