Minimum Viable Art
Series of studies focussed on fundamental generative design concepts and techniques. Each drop builds on the preceding study, with the goal of incrementally improving the aesthetic quality, desirability and monetary value of the series as a whole.
fx(hash) | Tezos | Series of 128 mints @ (fibonacci) XTZ | November 18, 2021 - unknown

Having dropped long form generative projects as a relative novice - when compared with veterans and big names in the space - I felt it was prudent to "go back to basics" with a series of studies to better understand the fundamental techniques of generative art before pursuing my more ambitious concepts. My aspirations to be among those who help move the space forward will be far easier if I first practice many of the core concepts of generative art. Rather than having these studies disappear into folders and be quickly forgotten on social media, I wanted to force myself to make something of value for each study by having them by mintable for a reasonable price.

MVA is a series of 128 mint drops on Tezos via fx(hash) using the Fibonacci sequence for pricing.

As well, my experience working on a project for months only to have a drastic shift in market and various unknowns causing sales to languish had left me with many questions about how to move forward. I want to build a sustainable career in the space, but what was the right move to make? I reflected on my time working as a software product manager and it struck me, why not treat the creative process like a startup? By following a “minimum viable product” cycle of releasing work to the market frequently, gauging feedback metrics and then making iterations, I hypothesized my creative work would gain the necessary insights to yield long term success.

128 mints | 1 XTZ | November 18, 2021
Study of dynamic palette generation, style modifications, gradients and simple arrangements.

128 mints | 1 XTZ | November 24, 2021
Study of shapes, transformations, grids, noise, interactions and cheerful palettes.


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