Owen Moore is an independent artist & creative developer who makes generative art, interactive media and web applications. Passionate about creative technology, he pursues opportunities that combine arts, programming and entrepreneurship.

Having a bachelor's degree in Interactive Multimedia Design, he's worked the last decade in technical leader roles supporting creative teams producing feature film visual effects, episodic 2D and 3D animations, and digital apparel designs.

Dedicated to pursuing an independent career, his current focus is creating unique generative artwork while dabbling in maker projects, game development, mixed media and web applications. Outside of work he can be found at the gym, cycling, and hiking the mountains around Vancouver, BC as part of practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Artist's 2022 Roadmap
My creative & technical focus for the upcoming year.

Release long form generative artworks on Tezos
Diversify generative drops across minting platforms
Study 3D parametric design & sculpting for 1/1 drops
Explore custom contract mechanics as creative medium
Aim to be a currated artist on Art Blocks by year's end
Expand on Token Art Tools to cover new use cases
Study the fundamental techniques of generative art
Technical focus on shader, 3D geometry & simulation
Share technical knoweldge in devblog articles post-drop
Create a mix of 1/1s, editions, currated, long form, etc.




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